Attendance in Digital Learning

During 100% Digital Learning: The following guidance for attendance during 100% digital learning will be implemented when students are NOT daily entering school buildings and, instead, receiving all digital instruction.

Attendance will be:

1. Taken for each attendance bearing period for which the student is scheduled.

2. Recorded for all periods and for all students by the end of each school the day.

3. If a student attends fewer than all their classes each day and the student’s parent or guardian has not provided a written excuse for the absence, the student will be considered cutting class. To submit an absence note for your child, please click here.

Students are expected to:

1. attend school daily.

2. be prepared each day

3. be ready to learn and engage in instruction.

4. complete assignments on time each day for each class.

5. adhere to the Student Code of Conduct at all times while engaged in digital learning.

6. abide by all internet policies and procedures.

7. submit their work assignments for each day, by a pre-established deadline for completion of that work as communicated by the teacher.

For more information on attendance, please visit: